Reading the Bible Cover to Cover in 2018

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There is no greater pursuit than knowing God.  The way we know God is by reading His Word.

Ezekiel chapter 40 describes the blueprint of an entire city using only the measurements of each element within it. Ezekiel is led around the city by a heavenly messenger, and together they measure the entire city with a measuring reed—Doorjambs, vestibules, wall widths. You name it, they measured it.

Then he measured the vestibule of the gateway, on the inside, one reed. Then he measured the vestibule of the gateway, eight cubits; and its jambs, two cubits; and the vestibule of the gate was at the inner end. 10 And there were three side rooms on either side of the east gate. The three were of the same size, and the jambs on either side were of the same size.” (Ezekiel 40:8-12)

Get the point?  It goes on like this for several chapters.

I’ve got to be honest, this was hard reading.  In fact, the Bible has numerous chapters like this which are very difficult to get through—Numbers, First Chronicles, Leviticus—just to name a few—but this section in Ezekiel (chapters 40–42 in particular) stood out to me as some of the most difficult.  I know, call me Mr. encourager!  Don’t worry though, I’m going somewhere with this.

See, while I would not ever want Ezekiel’s job, his writings did remind me of the struggles I’ve always had with regularly digging into Scripture; because for every amazing, awe-inspiring passage where fire rains down from heaven to ignite an altar, or a talking donkey saves the life of a diviner, there’s a tedious list of genealogies to plow through, or a passage where you’re wondering, “why couldn’t you just draw a picture?”

Reading the Bible cover to cover requires a type of dedication and discipline that most are not used to.  We need God’s word more than we could ever imagine. Sadly, we live in a Biblically illiterate culture that does not know God because they do not know the Bible.  That’s what I want to challenge us in 2018 to read through the Bible in a year.

Will it be difficult?  Yes.  But I can’t think of anything that has the potential to change your life more.

Trust me.  There will be days when you’ll feel like quitting, but when those days come, if you keep reading God will begin speaking into your life—and you’ll be changed.

The fire of a Christian’s life comes from being saturated in the fuel of Scripture.  There is no greater pursuit than knowing God.  The way we know God is by reading His Word.  So what are you waiting for? Turn to the beginning and dig in!

Pastor Jeremy

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